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Bethany Clinic (Romania)

Ioan and Livia Creţ started a Christian Medical Centre in the city of Oradea. Both Ioan and Livia are doctors. Most of their patients are extremely poor. Among their patients are many street children. People who cannot afford the consultation are being treated free of charge. Ioan and Livia are also giving free medication, antibiotics and vitamins to the poorest of the poor.

They are also giving education on hygiene and proper feeding. Another very important aspect of their job is to help people with their spiritual problems. They share the Love of God with people and hand out tracts and Bibles, and help people finding a church.

Psychiatric Hospital Zârnesţi (Romania)

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Since 1993 volunteers have been helping in the Psychiatric Hospital in Zârnesţi. Two hundred patients are living here in terrible conditions. Not all patients are suffering from mental problems, the hospital also accepts, old people, disabled people, homeless people and alcoholics, a large variety of people nobody is looking after. It is a desperate situation without hope.

Vali Dode is working with a lot of dedication in this hospital. She gives the people personal attention and is interested in them. With heart and hands she is a witness of Jesus Christ.

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Shelter 'The Anchor' (Zhitomir, Ukraine)

Alcohol and drug-addiction are a major problem in Ukraine. Not the least in the city of Zhitomir. With the help of some Ukrainians from the local Baptist Church, Margreet van Beest drew up a plan to start a shelter for drugs  addicts and alcoholics. The Baptist Church has donated a large piece of la nd to build a social centre.
The project has been realised, a building has been built, and has been named ‘the Anchor.’ A safe haven where 7 addicts can deal with their addiction, and also hear about the Lord Jesus Christ. 
At this moment this team is trying to fund the whole project financially by the proceeds from a souvenir shop in Zhitomir.

Children Clinic (Zhitomir, Ukraine)

tl_files/_photos/Project Zhitomir 1.jpgIn 2000 EEO started a project in Zhitomir. The goal is to help the people in this city with their needs, and also to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our contact Jan van Beest is a medical technician in one of the children’s hospitals in the city. Many children in the hospital are victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Only about 10% of the children in town are healthy, all others suffer from health problems. These children need proper care and treatment. Also research is needed to offer the right care and treatment.

The hospital cannot afford to invest in the right equipment or keep equipment up to date. Jan is helping the hospitals by repairing their equipment and also by contacting hospitals in his native Holland to find equipment to replace the outdated Ukrainian equipment, which often dates back to far before the fall of Communism. He also tries to raise funds to buy the necessary new equipment.