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The medical care in many eastern European countries leaves much to be desired. Countries like the Republic of Moldova or Ukraine have no National Health Service. People have to pay the nurses and doctors very well, otherwise the necessary help will not be given, often not even in the most urgent and life-threatening situations. There are countless examples of very slow recovery, permanent physical damage or disability. The Medical Fund supports families when they are unable to pay for their medical treatment.

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Istvan Fodor from Ukraine has suffered since his birth from an eye problem. At that time the doctors could not make the right diagnosis as he was too small. He has been treated since 2006 in the hospital in Mukachevo, but his sight has got worse. Istvan suffered from severe headaches, and had to wear glasses of -12.

In a special eye clinic his sight was able to be restored. Thanks to the sponsors of the CSP’s Medical Fund. Without the operations Istvan’s sight would have worsened, probably with blindness as a result.

Often diseases and physical problems can be treated easily, the main problem for many people is the costs involved. Often families have to go with cheap medication, which is much weaker resulting in a much longer recovery period, or they choose not to treat diseases, wounds or any other physical problem, with often devastating results.