Family Home (Beregowo, Ukraine)

The people of south-western Ukraine face a future without hope. Parents are often unable to care for their children. Many new-born babies are left deserted in the hospital. They receive the label “deserted child”. They remain on the children’s ward under harrowing circumstances. The babies yearn for love and attention but are rarely picked up and cuddled. The hygiene is poor and the children are malnourished. There is no place for them in society. These children face a future in which they will be passed on from one orphanage to the next.

tl_files/_photos/CR family home3.JPGFamily home

Eastern European Outreach has been working in Beregowo since 1995. We have opened a family house here where deserted children can be taken care of. In this house babies find a home where they are wanted, place where they receive love and attention and where they are stimulated and grow in their development. The intention is that these children will eventually be placed in an adoptive family. During their stay at the home the children receive healing and restoration with the result that it is easier for them to be adopted. At the same time the team searches for Ukrainian Christian families who are willing to adopt the children. As a result of these efforts these deserted babies have a chance of a better future.


tl_files/_photos/CR family home1.JPGA family

A couple forms the cornerstone of this work. Together with a team of educational workers and from a Christian lifestyle they devote themselves to:

·   Offering a safe environment so that the children learn to bond.

·   Providing good food and care.

·   Giving love and attention and stimulating the children’s development.

·   Preparing the children for adoption.

·   Looking for and supervising adoptive parents.

Not a final destination

The family home puts an end to the hopeless future. A deserted child becomes a wanted child in an adoptive family. Can you help such a child to a new future? Such a life deserves all the help it can get!