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Izvor Project, Iaşi

Elles van der Beek and Erica Hijkoop are taking care of three project in the county of Iaşi, where they have started a Foundation named Izvor, which means "Spring".


Mini-farmtl_files/_photos/Izvor 1.JPG
Five young women, most of them with psychological problems, are living in a house about seven miles outside the city of Iaşi. They were raised in an orphanage but most of them ended up on the streets.   

At the mini-farm, they are now learning all kinds of basic household skills, also to work in the garden and how to take care of animals. There is also a small mushroom plantation. The girls are not able to build up a life on their own, but a start has been made, under supervision, to integrate them back into society. One of the girls, for example, has found a job as kitchen assistant in a soup-kitchen project.tl_files/_photos/Izvor 2.JPG

Five girls with a mental disability have been taken out of an orphanage and live now in a normal flat in a working class neighbourhood. The project is rather small but this has been done on purpose, as this way of living is the closest to a normal family situation. Romanian staff have been hired to bring up these children.

Soup kitchen
This project was started to help elderly people who are not able to provide themselves with a warm meal every day, and is run in co-operation with governmental offices. The staff consists of a cook and a driver who delivers the meals to the homes with one of the girls from the mini-farm. There are plans to start a house project for elderly people very soon.

Update on the ministry
Mini-farm 'Noah's Ark' has had a very blessed year. The park as it is called locally is a very important place for the local children. There is a lot of interest from schools, kindergarten and also from a club for Autistic children.

Several disabled children have visited over the course of last year. We have many attractions which are suitable for them. A new addition is the hill-slide which is especially made for them. This is unique in a country that even though it is a member of the EU, still has very limited facilities for disabled people. The children have a great time, also the animals love all the attention.

This spring we want to finish the farm, recently we bought 2 goats and in March we hope to buy a couple of lambs and piglets. We also have some chickens, 3 rabbits, a turtle and a guinea pig.

The children from the village love to visit; many of them have a difficult home situation, parents who are alcoholics, domestic violence and negligence. These children need love and attention. The park is a place where they are looked after, and receive the attention, love and safety they so desperately need.